Remembering Loved Ones: Memorial Ideas

We are beginning to see more and more memorials included in weddings here at the Castle, as many couples want to take time to display and remember their lost loved ones, and share those memories with their guests. Some couples may request extra tables to display photos of family members who have passed away, while others may request certain songs to be played in remembrance of those family members. Recently, many of our wedding parties have gone a little further to make the memorial a bigger part of their event. At Brooke and Doug’s wedding in the East Garden Room, the bride and groom had a ceramic mold of their passed-on dog Chase’s pawprint set up on the memorial table, along with photos of him and other passed-on family members, and had the DJ play a special song in memory of Chase. At Laura and Shaun’s wedding this past weekend in the Knight’s Castle, not only did the bride and groom set up multiple, framed photos of all family members who had passed on a memorial table, but the bride placed little ladybugs around the entire reception room, as her mother who had passed away used to call her “ladybug”. At Katherine and Jason’s wedding in the Knight’s Castle this past summer, the couple dedicated the entire Knight’s fountain to their lost loved ones.

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