Unique Wedding Ideas – Elvis Rocks the Castle

Instead of using a guest book or picture frame, this couple had guests sign a guitar!

At one of our Friday, May 7th weddings, we were treated to an unexpected surprise…Elvis! As a gift to the bride and groom, some of the wedding party got together and hired a local Elvis tribute artist to serenade the newlyweds and other guests. Well, this came as a sort of present to ourselves as well. We were not told of this artists’ anticipated appearance at the wedding reception, and were oddly but pleasantly surprised to run into a full-blown Elvis impersonater walking through our main foyer. Dressed in a bright, teal-blue suit coat, loosened white tie, and white and black saddle shoes, the young Elvis artist was no joke, not even when it came to his performance. He happily sang and danced for the wedding party and guests, and all were very pleased with his performance.

This Elvis tribute artist was a “Castle Farms first”, and got us thinking…what’s next? Castle wedding ceremonies and receptions have been the host of many new unique and unpredictable ideas, many of which are growing into common occurances, such as providing guests with the entertainment of a Shutterbooth photobooth, the option of picking one’s favorite cake flavor with having assorted cupcakes instead of one wedding cake, and dedicating a table as a “Candy-bar” with wide assortments of popular candies and individual baggies for guests to dish up and take home their favorites.

Here are some ideas from past weddings that we felt were different, new, or unique, and are beginning to be seen more and more in our weddings. Let us know what you think!

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