Ada Tuck-Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight- Ada Tuck

Ada Tuck was born right here in Charlevoix but was raised in the Upper Peninsula by her adopted family in West Iron County. When she was 20 years old, she had the opportunity to meet her birth parents who lived in Petoskey.  During her visit to Petoskey, she met a man and just knew he was the one she was going to marry (and she was right). Ada decided to move down to Petoskey and nine months later they were married. They will be celebrating their 13 year anniversary this August!

Disney Trip
Anniversary Photos
Daughter Evie

Ada has always wanted to work at the Castle Farms so when a Housekeeping position opened up, she jumped on the opportunity because she loves working early mornings. Her favorite thing about working at the Castle is the people she gets to work with. She appreciates the supportive environment that really works together as a team, where everyone’s ideas and feedback are heard.

Wedding Day
San Francisco with Daughter
Martial Arts

In Ada’s free time, she enjoys reading crime fiction by authors like John Grisham, along with doing crafts or repurposing things. She also started practicing Hapkido about three years ago, which is a form of martial arts.

A fun story about Ada and her husband, they actually crossed paths once before when Ada was first born. He was six years old and went to the Charlevoix Area Hospital with his grandparents to visit his new baby sister. His grandparents took him to the nursery window where there were two babies. One was his sister and little did they know, the other was Ada, his future wife! We are so happy that she found her way back to Charlevoix because we appreciate having a positive and caring person like Ada on our Castle Team!




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