Employee Spotlight- Abraham (“Abe”) Blatt, Set-Up Supervisor

Abraham (a/k/a ‘Abe’, as he’s affectionately known by everyone at the Castle) was born and raised in the Charlevoix area. A member of the Castle Farms Team since 2009, Abe was originally hired as Event Staff. He remembers spending his early years at the Castle setting up and re-setting rooms used for weddings and other scheduled events. Now Abe is the Castle’s Set-Up Supervisor, and responsible for supervising a team of 7. It’s his job to work directly with the Events Department to make sure all events happen smoothly.

“I like the people I work with, and I really like the work,” Abe said. “It’s a fast-paced environment, and nothing is ever the same.” If you visit the Castle for an event or wedding, it’s nearly a guarantee that you won’t see Abe or members of his crew. They’re busy behind the scenes well before anyone arrives, working hard to make sure everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Afterwards, Abe’s team resets the room for the next event. Abe’s a master at troubleshooting details, and he’s always close at hand in case something unexpected happens.

Abe Blatt | Michael Murphy IV PhotographyAbe and his truckAbe and KayLee






Known for his quick wit, friendly chuckle, and big smile, Abe is one of those dependable guys you can always rely on. In his spare time, he likes tinkering with anything mechanical, and being outdoors. He would have fit in nicely at Loeb Farms (1918-1927), mingling with the farm workers on site. Interesting (and little-known) fact about Abe: he’s the only person who actually lives at the Castle. His apartment, located directly above the Carriage Hall, used to be the dormitory for Loeb Farms stable workers. “It’s pretty cool, actually,” Abe says. “Not a lot of people can say that they live at a castle.” Having Abe at the Castle 24/7 works out well for everyone. He doesn’t have far to commute, and the Castle has a full-time caretaker on grounds.

Abe in wedding attireAbe the FishermanAbe and little boy







It’s also fitting that Abe lives in the one area of the Castle which features architectural details most suited to his style. The crenellations topping the Octagonal Tower (located next to the Carriage Hall) are reminiscent of days long ago, when archers sought cover behind the battlements to shield themselves from deadly arrows launched by enemy troops. Abe knows all about archery. An avid hunter and fisherman, he looks forward to his bi-annual trips to Wyoming, where he hunts for elk, white tail deer and antelope. He also likes working on vehicles and restoring old cars.

“Being at the Castle is a perfect fit,” said Abe. Not only did it provide him with a great job and a place to live, the Castle is also where he met his girlfriend. They got to know each other while both working on the Castle’s Set-Up Team. They’ve been together for nearly 2 years, and Abe couldn’t be happier. “Life is good.”

We couldn’t have said it better. With Abe around making sure that things run smoothly, life at the Castle is good!

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