Amanda Brown

Employee Spotlight-Amanda Brown

Amanda joined the Castle Farms events team in July of 2017…

Initially as a summer job, helping our Venue Coordinators make our wedding couples dream weddings a reality. Originally from Farmington Hills, MI. Amanda graduated from Central Michigan University with a major in 2-D Design and a minor in Media Production.

Amanda with Friends and Parents
Christmas in Mexico
Amanda with High School Friend

Amanda has traveled all over the US and beyond, and has lived in a lot of fun places. Coming from a family of three sisters and one brother, she now has ample travel opportunities by simply visiting her siblings in San Francisco, Nashville, Mississippi and New Orleans. In addition to visiting relatives, she has spent the last three Christmas and New Year holiday seasons outside of Mexico City with her best friends’ family. Her travel bug was satisfied for the summer months this year when she took a one week road trip from Michigan to California, which she says was one of the most awe inspiring nature experiences she has had.

Amanda at Boyne Highlands with uncle and cousin
Amanda with Siblings
Lucy officially adopted

Along with a passion for travel, Amanda also has a soft spot for dogs. On her birthday three years ago, she picked up a dog on the side of the highway while driving by and seeing that it appeared alone and injured. After bringing it to the animal shelter and seeing the dog go unclaimed, she adopted it immediately! Lucy is now one of her favorite additions to her family.

Amanda and Lucy
Wood Burned Drawing of the Castle
Amanda and Friend Driving to California

Amanda is an artist at heart and in her spare time she enjoys wood burning, painting and trying new mediums to work with. Her passion for the arts, combined with her degree, landed her the Marketing Director position at Castle Farms. Amanda brings a fresh light and fun energy to the team and we are so excited to have her on board. Her creativity has lent itself well to her position, as she was thrown right in with a branding update during her first months in the Marketing Department. Amanda likes working with the team at the Castle and she appreciates how everyone is open to new ideas and suggestions.

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