Amber Mauney, Michael Murphy IV Photography

Employee Spotlight- Amber Mauney, Castle Intern

Amber Mauney |Michael Murphy IV PhotographyAmber Mauney has always been a good student. As President of her high school’s National Honor Society, Amber was responsible for their organization’s fundraiser: sponsoring a male beauty pageant! Amber had such a great time coordinating the event, she decided to seek out a career in event planning. Born and raised in the metro Detroit area, Amber selected Central Michigan University as her college of choice because of the specialized Recreation and Event Management degree offered by CMU. Her college years were filled with studies, plus numerous volunteer opportunities provided by her sorority Zeta Theta Pi. But with an eye on graduation, Amber knew she needed to look ahead to fulfilling requirements for her 30 week internship.

“The first time I saw the Castle, I was mesmerized. It was in February, the snow was falling, and the Castle was so beautiful. It was like a magical place set in a dream world.” For Amber, the dream became a reality in May of 2015, when she was offered an internship at Castle Farms. City girl Amber made the move to Northern Michigan, where for the past 8 months, she’s called Charlevoix and the Castle home.

“It was a big adjustment at the beginning, but I’ve grown to love everything about Charlevoix. I’m not used to being able to walk to the beach. And the Castle is so pretty. Not everyone can say they work at a Castle! My favorite area is the Reflection Pond. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the perfect spot for bridal couples when they’re posing for wedding photos.”

Amber with Autumn in Suite AAmber should know. She’s assisted with plenty of weddings since arriving in May. Her position as Castle Intern has enabled her to participate in numerous departments. A typical week for Amber (30 hours+) includes office duties in the Event Department, filling in at the Castle’s Gift Shop, assisting as an Event Closer during wedding ceremonies and receptions, plus planning and organizing children’s summertime events such as Prince & Princess Story Time, and Enchanted Story Time. “I like working with people of all ages,” she says, “and I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience at the different events. I also got to see what I’m good at, and what I can work on to improve.”

Weddings are one of Amber’s favorite things. “You get to meet people from all over the country, and all around the world. Each bridal couple has their own personality. It’s fun to interact with them, and assist them in achieving the wedding of their dreams.

Does Amber’s future include a wedding of her own? “Maybe far off in the future,” she says with a quick smile. “I still have lots to learn before I take on the responsibility of coordinating weddings, for myself or others. Meanwhile, I’ve loved working with the people at the Castle. I think a person’s environment has a lot to do with their personal happiness. Surround yourself with happy people, and you’ll be happy, too.” One look at the constant smile on Amber’s face, and it’s obvious she found her happy place while serving her internship here at Castle Farms. Amber graduates on December 19th. We’re sorry to see her go, and we wish Amber a bright and happy future!

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