Clay Soulliere

Employee Spotlight- Clay Soulliere, Maintenance Department

Clay Soulliere | Michael Murphy IV PhotographyWorking at Castle Farms is nothing new for Clay Soulliere. Currently on the maintenance team, Clay had quite a different start here ten years ago. When the Castle as it is known today began hosting events in 2005, Clay was brought on to help with set-up, guest parking, and other event assistance. Even then, the Castle grounds were not unfamiliar to him. As a kid growing up in Charlevoix, he lived across the road from Castle Farms and remembers listening to the rock concerts from his yard. He learned quickly that he could make a few dollars from going through the surrounding area after a big show collecting bottles and cans.


His position in maintenance, though, is a new scene. Clay’s original career focus was retail, management and customer service. He started with farming equipment retail stores and moved on to computers and office supplies, where he grew his computer and IT skills into one of his favorite hobbies. From that hobby, Clay has begun to incorporate the Castle’s IT work into his maintenance position.

Clay winter hiking Clay and JamieFishing with his family





Clay’s other hobbies include anything about being outside and being active. Snowshoeing, biking, running… any season, he wants to be outside. Naturally, given this hobby, any Castle maintenance task taking place outdoors usually goes to Clay. Most people would not think snow blowing is something they want to do every day in the winter, but not Clay. “I think I spent too long being indoors for work in the past, so I like the opportunity to be outside here” he says of these tasks.

Clay Soulliere winter hiking


“It’s a refreshing change.”

What he likes most about his position? “It’s a refreshing change. I never seem to do the same thing twice.” One day he will be working on repairs, the next day he will be building custom furniture. One of his most recent projects was designing and building a curved wall. “That was fun!” he says of the challenge. The Castle Staff is glad to have Clay on board!

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