Employee Spotlight- Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth ColemanElizabeth joined the Castle crew in May of 2016. She was looking for a fun summer job to keep her busy between her semesters at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. A Senior Communications major, Elizabeth really enjoys meeting the many guests that visit the Castle, making “little connections” as she puts it. Communications is a fascinating subject matter that is applicable in many different professions. Elizabeth’s plan is to pursue grad school after she graduates in 2018, possibly heading to the East Coast to study Intellectual Property, Publishing, or Marketing.

Friendly and sweet, Elizabeth has a quirky sense of humor that shows itself often. Well liked by her coworkers, Elizabeth is a hard worker who likes to joke around. Her supervisor gushes about how smart and nerdy she is (“in a fun way!”) and how they keep themselves entertained while cleaning by discussing the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Elizabeth likes nostalgia items, like cat eye glasses and Shirley Temple drinks. Her Communication background also means she can read people well and really enjoys small talk.

Elizabeth is familiar with old farms and their historical significance. Her family lives on a Centennial farm in Elk Rapids. Her Great Great Great Grandfather came to the United States from Ireland. He began the farm in the late 1800’s because of the Homestead Act, and passed it down through the generations. Her family doesn’t do as much farming now, but does raise produce that finds its way to local farmers markets. The chicken coop is the original structure built by her ancestor, and the hay barn was raised in the 1930’s.

In her spare time she likes to write, go on hikes, and camp with friends. Marquette, hometown of NMU is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise, with waterfalls and trails within a close drive. Elizabeth likes to take her hammock tent and find new spots to relax and enjoy. She also likes to travel and dreams of seeing more of the world. In high school she took a World War II- Western Front Tour through Paris, Normandy, Germany, Belgium, and London over 2 weeks. This trip sparked her interest in travel and was hugely impactful in shaping her travel dreams. From short trips to Chicago to long flights over the Atlantic, Elizabeth is ready to explore the world.

We feel fortunate that we’ve been able to enjoy her through the summer seasons and wish her a fantastic future when she heads off to NMU again this fall to finish her undergrad program.

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