Employee Spotlight- MaryAnn Kucharski

MaryAnn Kucharski is a remarkable mix of calm, even demeanor and effusive happiness. For the couples that she assists as Venue Coordinator, this is a great advantage as she can calm nerves when stress crops up but also encourage big smiles and fun during planning. As a person who loves being in motion, MaryAnn has traveled the globe and experienced some of Europe’s treasures. In her heart, she remains a small town girl and loves northern Michigan.

After spending every summer in Cross Village and graduating from Franciscan University in Ohio, MaryAnn started working at Castle Farms as an Assistant Venue Coordinator in 2016. By February she had been promoted to Venue Coordinator. She would love to someday open a wedding planning business but knew that she’d need lots of on-the-job experience, so working at the Castle is a perfect fit.

MaryAnn likes Venue Coordinating because it keeps her on her feet, moving from place to place. “Everyone thinks of weddings as a magical thing, but it’s actually working with the stressed out couples or instructing vendors who haven’t been here. You have to be the one who keeps it all together, and that’s the magic.”

Multitasking, like what happens during ceremonies, is what MaryAnn really excels at. “You have to be thinking about getting the bridal party down the aisle, letting the Assistant Venue Coordinator know when to change the music, and coaxing the flower girl or ring bearer to walk.”

That ability to think on her feet could have come from handling life in a house with all of her brothers. Growing up the only girl among 6 boys, she got lots of practice being the calm one and helping people out, two things she loves doing.

Another love of her life is traveling. During her junior year at Franciscan University, she participated in a study abroad program in Austria. While there, she was able to visit not only parts of that country, but also tour parts of Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, and Ireland. She fell in love with Ireland and especially the Cliffs of Moher. Perhaps the next time she visits she will bring her boyfriend, Brandyn, whom she met while working at Castle Farms.

When asked what she wanted future couples to know about her, she had a quick response- “I want them to know that I’m passionate and will do what it takes to make their day wonderful.” With her ability to think on her feet and her calming personality, we know her future couples will love working with her as much as we do.

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