Sarah Hagen

Employee Spotlight-Sarah Hagen

Sarah Hagen was born and raised right here in Charlevoix, MI. She started working at Castle Farms during her junior year of high school in the Setup and Housekeeping departments. After high school, Sarah attended Grand Valley State University for Hospitality & Tourism Management with a minor in Spanish. In the summer, after her first year of college, she started working in the wedding department as an Assistant Coordinator. Since then, Sarah has been putting her degree to good use, overseeing all events and weddings as the Events Director.

Living in her hometown of Charlevoix, Sarah loves being able to spend a lot of her free time with her friends and family. Sarah likes to be involved in her community, chairing the Promotions Committee of the Charlevoix Main Street program and volunteering for events put on throughout the year. Summer being her favorite time of the year, she likes being outside and on the water. Her and her boyfriend Andy, along with their adorable cat Shay, recently purchased a house in downtown Charlevoix which has brought on plenty of home-improvement projects to pass the time as well.

Not long ago, Sarah and other managers at the Castle were exploring options to enhance the Castle’s guest experience. Around the same time, a local winery reached out to Castle Farms to showcase what they could offer for businesses and wedding clients. After meeting with the winery, an idea came up that appeared to be a great fit for weddings, tour guests and the Charlevoix community…a wine tasting room! Now, moving out of the role as Events Director and taking on the new position as Tasting Room Manager, Sarah has been busy creating Castle Farms own label of wine, 1918 Cellars, and creating the ordering system for wedding and event clients. With the wine now ready, there are just a few more details to finalize for the Tasting Room to be ready for the Grand Opening of 1918 Cellars Wine Tasting Room on Memorial Day, 2018.

Sarah loves everything about working at the Castle. She is delighted to be a part of a historical site that has played such a positive role for the Charlevoix community. Sarah is also fond of the many changes that the Castle has gone through and appreciates how open the company is about finding the perfect position for each and every employee. It is safe to say that Sarah has done “a little bit of everything” around the Castle (one of her first roles included popping in a VHS tape of our historical video for tour guests!), and we are ecstatic to have such a kind, hard working, and positive individual on the Castle Farms team!

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