Taylor Spitz Castle Farms Michigan Venue

Employee Spotlight- Taylor Spitz

Taylor Spitz was born and raised in Freeland, MI which is a town in between Saginaw and Midland.  She heard about Castle Farms in one of her classes at Central Michigan University and decided to apply for an internship with us.  She started in May of 2017 as an Assistant Coordinator but by June she moved up to a Venue Coordinator and received her first set of weddings which took place in August.  Her favorite part about working at the Castle is getting to know the different couples, planning each detail and then finally seeing their special day come together.  Her favorite moment in a wedding is seeing the couple walk down the aisle after they said “I do” because it is the moment that they have been leading up to and the look on their faces is just pure happiness.

In Taylor’s spare time she enjoys doing anything that involves being outside, especially hiking.  She also loves to read and write; in fact she is working on her own dystopian novel right now.  Unfortunately for us, Taylor’s internship is ending in December and she is heading back to Mount Pleasant for graduation.  She is currently searching for jobs in the D.C. area and is hoping to move there shortly after receiving her diploma next month.  Sometime down the road, Taylor has plans to end up in Seattle which is where her boyfriend is originally from.  We are definitely going to miss Taylor’s goofy and fun-loving personality but we wish her the best of luck in D.C.!  We know she is going to be amazing at whatever she does.

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