How-To: Make Your Own Dessert Stands

Trying to cost down on wedding costs? One of the new trends we’re noticing brides choosing is to treat their guest to an elaborate dessert table instead of a large lavish cake. Brides are also choosing to have a variety of smaller cakes, rather than just one. There are lots of creative ways to display numerous cakes and desserts, but one idea we particularly love is to stagger cake stands of different heights. Let your imagination go wild!

Here’s one quick easy example. Let’s say you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Why not use birch bark to pick up on the rustic theme? Since birch trees are beautiful and native to Northern Michigan, this makes a great visual image for a Michigan wedding. Combining these two aspects is super easy and inexpensive. Simply follow the steps below and you’re on your way to making some awesome Birch Cake Stands!

1.     This is the most important step and may be most difficult, too. You will need to find a birch tree which is already blown over and on the ground! Do not attempt to cut down a live birch tree, as some are on the endangered and protected species list. If you live in Northern Michigan, you may have an easier time finding a downed birch tree. If you don’t live near a wooded area, ask your family and friends if they have a place in Northern Michigan where you might find a birch tree already on the ground.

2.     Use a saw to cut the tree into various heights, such as 4, 6 and 8 inches. It’s entirely up to you, depending on how high or low you want your cake stands to be. Be sure and cut enough pieces for all the stands you need.

3.     *Purchase a clear concealer at your local hardware store. Apply thin coats to both the top and bottom of the birch logs.

*This step is optional. If you plan using these cake stands after your wedding, we highly recommend applying a concealer for preservation.

Voila! Bravo, you! With just a few simple steps, you’ve created awesome cake stands to use on your big day. Hopefully you had fun doing this project, and best of all, it’s basically free! Not only will these unique cake stands add a great touch to your wedding, they’ll be a treasured keepsake to use in your home forever following the wedding.

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