Leisurely Lawn Games in the Lush Gardens of Castle Farms

Castle Farms offers some of the most beautiful gardens in Northern Michigan; why not take advantage of them? Outdoor lawn games played in the grass can be a relaxing treat for your guests to enjoy when blended with Cocktail Hour before dinner and dancing begins! Here’s a peek at some great ideas we’ve recently seen here at The Castle:

Amy and Josh had a Cornhole Board set up in the West Garden for their guests to enjoy. The Cornhole platforms were painted to match their wedding colors, adding a personal and festive touch to everyone’s fun!

It’s an old-time favorite: a leisurely game of croquet. Nearly every day, The Castle’s East Garden is set up with a croquet set for guests to enjoy. Have fun if you choose to play, but please make sure the stakes and wickets are pulled up before evening falls. We don’t want anyone tripping and injuring themselves.

Everyone loves Bocce Ball! It’s a classic game that guests of all ages can enjoy. Setting up several sets simultaneously allows even more of your guests to join in the fun!

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