Wine and Love Letter Box Ceremony

This past weekend, Emily and David integrated an awesome new trend into their wedding ceremony which we saw for the first time here at Castle Farms. Emily and David chose not to do the traditional unity or sand ceremony, but rather, a “Wine and Love Letter Box Ceremony”.

For a Wine and Love Letter Box Ceremony, the bride and groom write each other a letter stating what they love about their partner, why they fell in love, and their hopes and dreams for the future of their upcoming life together. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom each place their letters into a special box, along with a bottle of wine.

It’s up to the couple to decide when to open the box. Many couples choose a special date, such as their fifth year anniversary. Some open the box earlier, especially if they’re experiencing marital difficulties (in the hope that their letters will remind them why they got married). Other couples choose to only open the box if they find themselves actually considering divorce. However, it remains up to the couple to set their own requirements of opening the box.

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