Unique Ideas for Assigned Seating

Looking for another way to make your reception a little more fun, personal, and unique? How about getting a little creative with your assigned seating! Many people overlook the way they designate seats for guests, as it is often so much work just to assign the seats in the first place, but with just a little more you can make it so fun and cute that your guests will always remember your reception because however you decide to design your assigned seating, it will always feel personal and creative!

In their West Garden Room reception this past weekend, Amber and Kyle put a single, different flower on every table and then gave each guest their name cards attached to a vase with a flower in it. The guests then matched the flower in their vase with the flowers on the tables. This not only doubled as a wedding favor for guests, but it also decorated the room and gave each table a unique arrangement!

Another great, personal idea for assigned seating is to mark tables with your own pictures, either from trips, parties, or just a variety of pictures of you and your groom, then assigning seating cards by the different pictures. We’ve seen this many times at the Castle, but it is still always unique and fun!

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