A Castle Wedding In The Making: Entry 1 – Planning Our After-Wedding Brunch

My daughter Kelly is getting married at The Castle on Saturday, June 30th , and we couldn’t be more excited! Though she lives in Seattle (where she met and fell in love with her fiancé, James a wonderful man), Kelly grew up in Charlevoix. And when it came time to start planning her wedding, there were no other options. Kelly wanted to come home and to be married in Charlevoix … here at Castle Farms. I was thrilled! Not only am I lucky enough to be Mother of The Bride, I work at Castle Farms as Gift Shop and Tour Director.

During the next few months, I’ll be sharing details about Kelly’s upcoming wedding. The big day itself is June 30th (yes, I know, still some months away), but I’m already excited and nervous. There’s so much to do, and so many details —especially when you’re dealing with a destination wedding. Many of our family and friends will be travelling to Charlevoix from all over the country, and we want each to know how much we appreciate them taking time to celebrate with us as Kelly and James exchange vows. The Venue Coordinators here at The Castle and the vendors from Castle Farms’ Preferred Service Providers list have all been wonderful in offering helpful hints. One idea my husband Dennis and I particularly liked is hosting a “Day-After-The-Wedding Brunch” for our out-of-town guests. We wanted to give them a nice send-off before they depart, and we couldn’t think of a better place to do so than in The Queen’s Tavern here at The Castle. The Tavern is a quiet intimate spot that holds up to 60 people … perfect for relaxing together one more time and sharing lots of laughter and memories from Kelly and James’ wedding with our families and friends before they begin their long journey home.

Check one more thing off my list. And now The Queen’s Tavern is booked for the “Day-After-The-Wedding-Brunch”, I found that even setting the menu was easy working with the expertise and ideas that the caterer offered. Meanwhile, I’ll be popping in from time to time to share more ideas as they occur to me. Stay tuned!

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