A Castle Wedding in the Making: Entry 2 – The Wedding Invites

Hi there! Peggy here again, popping in with another idea we’ve decided to use for Kelly’s wedding. As I told you last time, Kelly and her amazing fiancé James are being married at Castle Farms on June 30th. Since they both live in Seattle, it will be a destination wedding, and not everyone will be able to attend. Since we don’t want anyone feeling left out, Kelly and James came up with the perfect solution: celebrate twice with two wedding receptions! The first will be immediately following the wedding at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, and the other, a few months later, will be held in Seattle.

But while double wedding receptions sound like lots of fun, it also caused a dilemma: How to handle the invitation plus include RSVP cards for two separate receptions in two different locations for the same bridal couple? We’re all familiar with wedding invitations which include an “RSVP” card inviting guests to the ceremony and reception afterward … but what about the second reception? Naturally all our wedding guests will be invited to attend both events but not everyone will. We came up with a solution, and went to the printer and he helped to make it happen. I think Kelly and James’ wedding invitations came out perfect! The finished design is a tri-fold creamy invitation done up in purple prose edged with an elegant line of satin. The wedding ceremony and Charlevoix reception are listed at the top, the middle section contains information on the Seattle event, and the bottom third has a perforated edge for people to RSVP for the Michigan event. A separate RSVP card for the Seattle festivities was printed and will be tucked inside the regular invitation so that all our wedding guests will receive invitations on the ceremony and both reception details.

The separate R.S.V.P card for the Seattle Reception, which was tucked in the tri-fold invitation.

With the Castle wedding and Charlevoix reception now only four months away, it’s great to know that we solved the problem of far-off family and friends who might feel bad not being able to attend the Michigan event. Now we can all celebrate together a few months later in Seattle!

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