A Castle Wedding in the Making – Entry 4: Special Touches

Hi there! It’s me again, Peggy, mother-of-the-bride. Less than three months to go before the big day when Kelly and her fabulous fiancé James walk down the aisle on June 30th here at Castle Farms. Since Kelly and James live in Seattle, seeing to many of the wedding details has fallen on my shoulders. But my work at Castle Farms helps keeps me in the loop with the latest wedding trends, and The Castle event coordinators have been wonderful in making suggestions that have helped make my life easier. Hopefully my sharing some of these ideas will make your wedding planning easier, too!

One suggestion they made that we decided to incorporate for Kelly and James’ wedding is the use of rental items. Usually it makes more sense to buy (you do that with real estate, right?) … but we’re talking weddings. Why buy when you can rent? We loved the idea of tea lights gracing each individual reception table, so we chose to rent the holders and candles from The Castle. No muss, no fuss, and best of all, no need to worry about what to do with all those glass holders once the wedding is over and the candles are snuffed out. We will have five tea lights circling silver and glass candelabras that will be centered on elegant mirrored tiles (all of which are available for rent). I purchased colored glass beads called “diamond confetti” from the Gift Shop and they’ll be sprinkled on the tables for a touch of color. Adding elegant purple linen napkins and organza chair sashes we’re renting from a linen company will enhance the ambiance and the beautiful architecture of The Castle.

Another item we’ve decided to rent is a decorative card box for wedding guests with envelopes they wish to gift to the bride and groom. The Castle has a variety of different card boxes to choose from. I went down to the Wedding Office and looked them over in person, but it’s easy to check them out on-line. Simply visit The Castle’s website, click on “Wedding and Receptions”, then into “Special Touches”. You’ll find each card box is different. If you’re planning the event around a certain theme (Cinderella, Castle, Sparkle Galore or Simple Elegance), you can’t go wrong.

Last, but not least, let’s talk flowers. As in renting hanging baskets of floral arrangements to decorate the aisle down which Kelly and James will walk as husband and wife. The Castle has numerous large hanging baskets that can be used in the large stone arches of the various courtyards. We haven’t decided yet if we’ll use those and/or the decorative wrought iron stands with ornate embellishments that will compliment the small hanging baskets we’re renting from our florist. So many choices and decisions! The date is getting closer but we can still think about the various options.

Another day, another blog, another idea. Stay tuned!

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