A Castle Wedding in the Making: Entry 6 – The Cake

Hi there! It’s me, Peggy, popping in again. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that the big day for Kelly and James’ wedding here at Castle Farms is quickly approaching. I’m trying my best to work with Kelly to make sure all the details are taken care of well in advance of June 30th so we can relax and enjoy the festivities!

One of the things I love about my job here at Castle Farms (I’m the Castle’s Gift Shop and Tour Director) is witnessing the excitement on wedding days. It’s so much fun watching as boxes of colorful decorations arrive, the florist delivers gorgeous bouquets, and finally… the topping glory of it all (besides the bride, naturally)… the wedding cake!

Photo by Darrell Christie Photography.

James likes cupcakes. Pudding cupcakes are his favorite. Kelly likes cake. She was hoping for a cake that she and James could cut during their reception while posing for photos. She even knew the exact flavor of the cake she wanted: chocolate amaretto.

Pudding Cupcakes. Photo from AverageBetty.com.
Amaretto Cake. Photo from BonAppetit.com.

Now, you have to understand that chocolate amaretto cake is somewhat of a family tradition that I started long ago. I bake that particular kind of cake for all our family birthdays. Yes, it’s expensive and time-consuming, but everyone in our family agrees it’s absolutely delicious. Both Kelly and her brother Kevin always insist on chocolate amaretto cakes for their birthdays. Once I didn’t make it for Kelly and she was so disappointed. Believe me, I learned my lesson! One year, after Kelly already had graduated from college and moved to Seattle, I flew out to visit her for Mother’s Day. Her birthday was still some months away, but since I knew we couldn’t be there to celebrate with her, I thought it would be nice if I baked Kelly her favorite cake. She loved it! So naturally, when it came time to making a decision about the wedding cake, the discussion about pudding cupcakes vs. a traditional wedding cake was a “sweet dilemma”.

In the end, Kelly and James decided to compromise. Together they came up with the perfect solution: James will have his pudding cupcakes, and Kelly is getting her chocolate amaretto cake. They’re working with one of the cake designers featured on The Castle’s Preferred Service Providers list… a bubbly happy lady who is here at The Castle for numerous weddings and who specializes in (believe it or not!) pudding cupcakes as well as (you guessed it!) chocolate amaretto cakes! I’m so happy at the way everything turned out. Compromise is a wonderful way to start—and sustain—a successful marriage. By compromising about the wedding cake, Kelly and James are off to a delicious start on their happily-ever-after.

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