A True Personal Touch to a Wedding: Dogs!

Castle Farms was overtaken by dogs this past weekend! In two of our three Saturday weddings, the bride and groom added their special, personal touch to the ceremony by using their family pups as special members of the wedding party!

In our first wedding of the day in the Queen’s Courtyard, the bride and groom had their family beagle as the ring bearer. Complete with a gold leash and yellow bow, the dog, with the rings attached to his collar, was walked down the aisle by a young usher. After greeting the groom with a big jump and lick, the rings were taken from the collar and he was walked back down the aisle and placed in our care for the rest of the ceremony. With only a little whining, this cute pup did a great job, and was quite entertaining!

In the third ceremony of the day in the King’s Indoor Chapel, there was a “Castle First” as two dogs walked down the aisle, one towing the other! Attached to a small wagon was a bernese mountain dog, and being towed in the wagon was the second, slightly smaller pup bearing the rings. Both did a fantastic job and put a smile on every guest’s face!

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