Happy Couple Rain Or Shine

Dont Rain on my Parade Mother Nature!

Here at the Castle outdoor weddings are “our thing”. We have elegant European gardens, stunning courtyards, and the French architect of the building adds historical character to the charm of Castle Farms. During the day of the wedding everyone here at the castle does everything we can to make sure the brides big day is everything she wants it to be. Regardless of wishes and intensive planning there is one thing that is out of everyone’s hands, and that is MOTHER NATURE!

Many Brides are heart broken when they can’t have their outdoor wedding. But you have to remember that no matter what, as long as the guy in the tux is at the end of the isle the wedding is a success! Also here at the Castle our indoor ceremony sites are just as romantic and intimate as the outdoor ones. So on your wedding day, try to enjoy yourself and dont get too upset about things out of your control because you’re surrounded by people you love and NOTHING gets better than that!

Although there were a few rain drops, that didnt change Casey & Jayce ’s love for each other. Their wedding at the Castle in the East Garden Room was a BLAST rain or shine!

Some Even Say its Good Luck

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