An awesome innovative trend we’re seeing more frequently here at Castle Farms is the “Late Night Snack”. That’s when the bride and groom choose a snack for their guests to eat later on in the evening. Guests love it, as it gives them more energy after all the dancing they’ve done. A snack later in the evening also helps absorb some of the alcohol guests may have had. Check out these late night snack ideas!

* Caitlin and Evan choose to have Tom and Jerry’s Dog House stand parked outside the Knight’s Castle. It was available to guests throughout the evening.

* Try contacting a local food truck to dish up a late night treat for your guests.  Hands down, your guests will be blown away when they see a food truck pull up at your reception!

*Amanda and Lou had all the ingredients for S’mores packed in a box as a wedding favor at each guest’s place setting. Later in the evening, a fire pit outside the East Garden Room provided a toasty venue where guests could roast their own tasty S’mores!

* A common late night snack with Castle brides is pizza. It’s simple to make arrangements with a local pizza company by calling ahead of time. Just let them know how many pizzas you’d like; they’re always glad to deliver to Castle Farms!

* As kids, we all loved walking tacos! So, why not incorporate a delicious childhood memory on your wedding day? It’s easy! Simply set up a station where guests can create their own walking tacos. All you need are small bags of Fritos, lettuce, tomatoes, chili, cheese, and any other condiments you and your guests will enjoy!

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