Let Your Personality Shine…through Cake Toppers!

Traditional cake toppers are becoming less common in weddings, and couples are beginning to find more and more ways to show their personalities and interests through this small yet significant decoration. In fact, many iconic characters now have cake topper versions of themselves, from cartoon characters such as Looney Tunes or The Simpsons, to more classic characters such as Precious Moments figurines. In our Knight’s Castle wedding of Laura and Shaun on May 23rd, the couple went for a slight twist on the traditional bride-and-groom cake topper with their topper showing a bride and groom doing a classic James Bond back-to-back pose! Before cutting their cake, Laura and Shaun even did a pose identical to their topper for cameras!

Couples can even get more personal with their topper by having it custom made, as we have seen a few times here at the Castle. In Christine and Brandon’s wedding on May 24th, 2009 in the Knight’s Castle, the couple had a cake topper made showing the two of them with each of their snowboards, showing their number-one hobby. In Sandra and Brian’s wedding on May 14th of this year in the Knight’s Castle, the couple had a cake topper from the same company showing the two of them with their loved dog, who was also pictured at the center of every table!

Toppers such as the ones above can be found on Etsy.com.

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