Pancakes, Panache and Personality!

More and more couples today are turning away from conventional wedding traditions to add a touch of fun, flair and their unique personalities into their ceremonies and receptions. This past weekend at Castle Farms, we saw just that!

For their wedding vows, Angela and James chose to do something completely unorthodox and certainly untraditional. Writing your own vows is nothing new, but Angela and James wrote theirs modeled in the style of Dr. Seuss. Tim, their ceremony officiant, asked Angela to affirm a set of rhyming promises; she’d repeat the rhyme, sometimes adding an extra line or two to make it even more fun. Then James would follow, repeating the rhyme and confirming his vows. As their rhymes continued, Angela and James built on the previous vows, repeating each one as yet another vow was added. It definitely made for a ceremony that Angela, James and their guests will remember for a lifetime!

Angela and James’ unique wedding carried straight into the reception, where guests entered a whimsically transformed King’s Great Hall to find blue and white balloons lining the ceiling. Rather than cheese and crackers, smoked salmon puffs or crudités, the appetizer table was filled with desserts. Dinner was even more of a surprise: guests were treated to flying pancakes! Chris Cakes of Michigan (the record-holding pancake company) catered the dinner. Wedding guests were instructed to stand still and hold their plates steady as pancakes were tossed for them to catch. A “Pancake Fixins” station offered guests the chance to enter a pancake-decorating competition. Photos were taken of each creation, posted to a board and judged on their originality. It made for a truly fun untraditional reception that was inspired by Angela and James’ personalities. Guaranteed everyone will be talking about this wedding and reception for years to come!

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