Sand Ceremony Vs. Unity Candle

Marriage is the idea of 2 becoming 1. To express this bonding partnership there are many ceremonies that help make your commitment to each other special.

The Unity Candle has typically held the the spotlight for an expression of commitment and bonding, but The Sand Ceremony has become very popular as well. Two great additions to your special day how to decide on just one? Heres a little information to help make your decision!

Candle Ceremony

At the beginning of the ceremony both the bride and the grooms family light the tapered candles on each side to symbolize the love and allegiance to family. Then the Bride and Groom use the side candles to light the larger candle representing all the love and unity of one.

Sand Ceremony

Each individual has a separate container of colored sand that represents who they are as a person taht they combine in one large vase. Once poured together you can still see the separate colors representing the individuals in the relationship, but they can never be separated, they are forever intertwined.

Pros of Unity Candle

The unity Candle and use of light hold more of the religious ties adding a spirtual richness to the union. The flame representing the light within and without has been used for hundreds of years symbolizing the strength and brightness love can bring to two people.

Pros of Sand Ceremony

Every unity vase is different just like every couple is different while still capturing the meaning of two lives becoming one. Once the wedding day is over and the candle has burnt out you will have nothing to show, where as the unity vase will be forever a part of your lives, and especially for outdoor weddings you don’t have to worry about your flame blowing out!

If you hold tight to tradition and you want your marriage to display the same hundreds of years of wisdom then the Unity Candle is perfect for you!

If you want to combine the old tradition with the new fresh idea the Sand Ceremony is the way to go!

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