Shout out to our vendors!

A beautiful wedding doesn’t happen by magic; it’s made possible only through the successful collaboration of wonderful vendors. Here at Castle Farms, there’s no need to worry when bridal couples use our Preferred Service Providers; it’s a virtual guarantee things will work like magic! That’s because our Preferred Service Providers List contains some of the very best in local wedding service providers. They’re on the List because they consistently deliver quality service, ensuring a fun, stress-free event. Our Preferred Service Providers are so great, they even go above and beyond their own responsibilities to help out with other wedding clients if they encounter problems. This past weekend, unfortunately, an out-of-area DJ never showed for a wedding. We called Tom and Stacy at A+ Digital DJ Services, and voila! Within an hour, they were here at the Castle, set-up and providing our bride and groom with the reception entertainment they expected on their wedding day. That’s why we love our Preferred Service Providers: they work magic! A big “THANK YOU” to them all!

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