Unique Unity Ceremony

This past weekend at Castle Farms, we were treated to a unique take on a traditional unity ceremony. During their wedding, the bride and groom, Kim and Jim, placed a tall glass vase on a cocktail table. Next to the vase were two large pitchers filled with clear water.

After exchanging vows, Kim and Jim stepped up to the table and began to pour their individual pitchers of water into the vase to symbolize their individual lives becoming one. This unity ceremony had a unique symbolism in itself, but none of the guests expected what happened next. As the two pitchers of water flowed together in the vase, the water turned blue! Everyone thought they were merely two pitchers of water and an empty vase, but placed in the vase where no one could see were a few small drops of food coloring! A fun wedding trick that guests will always remember, and one that Kim and Jim can tell stories about forever!

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