Wedding Trends at Castle Farms

It was a busy year in 2008 and we saw many new trends come to Castle Farms! We love to see creative ideas.  We are excited to see what new and great ideas our brides come up with every weekend.

Color Trends

Pink and brown were HUGE last year, but we also saw combinations of pink and orange, green and brown, and blue and brown.  We saw quite a bit of purple in 2008 as well. From eggplant to lavender, our brides paired their purples with green, black, silver and yellow!

Favor Trends

The favors at weddings are becoming increasingly important and many of our brides are putting a lot of time and effort into coming up with unique ideas. Some of the brides have gone “green” and given their guests trees to plant and even reusable grocery bags from 1 Bag at a Time.

A few of our brides have decided to give northern Michigan inspired gifts such as fudge, cherries, and Michigan wine. There were also some great fall inspired favors such as caramel apples and maple syrup.

We are excited to see what new trends and ideas our 2009 brides will come up with!

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