A Dog is a man’s best friend” … your pets are there for you when you’re happy and sad, and there with you through the good times and bad. So why not include you best friend on your big day? People often want to have their dog(s) in their wedding, but they think the dog(s) have to be small, and serve as the ring bear. But here’s a little secret … they’re wrong! Take a look at how these Castle Farms brides included some very big best friends in their weddings!

Becky and Blaine’s Great Danes, Lola and Lilly, were decked out in full doggie bling, complete with pearls and tutus as they paraded down the aisle, escorting two bridesmaids into the Queen’s Courtyard.

For her winter ceremony in the King’s Indoor Chapel, Heather trained her Bernese Mountain Dog to pull a decorated cart down the aisle. The cart contained her other little pooch, who proudly guarded the rings until the time they were exchanged.

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