A Castle Wedding in the Making: Entry 7 – Caterers at Kelly’s Wedding

Hi there, it’s Peggy, popping in again. I went grocery shopping last night, which naturally got me thinking about food, and then I started thinking about the food we’re serving at Kelly and James’ wedding at Castle Farms on June 30th. So, I thought maybe you’d be interested in hearing about the caterers we’re working with and how we chose the menu items. If you read my blog about chocolate amaretto cake, you know how much I love to cook. But a birthday cake is one thing. Cooking for my daughter’s wedding? No, thank you! Time to call in the professionals. Which is exactly what we did and how we ended up with two of the most experienced and sought-after caterers in Northern Michigan for Kelly and James’ dinner reception and Day-After-The-Wedding brunch.

Lucky for us, Castle Farms has a wonderful Preferred Service Providers List. I know bridal couples find it a big help in searching for vendors. While visiting The Castle’s Gift Shop, they often mention to me that they have a ‘tasting’ appointment scheduled for later that day. At “tasting” sessions, restaurants provide different foods to sample from the catering menu. But Kelly and James opted out of any tasting sessions. Here’s their story.

We needed two caterers for Kelly and James’ wedding: one for the dinner reception and another for the Day-After-Wedding brunch. Choosing the caterer for the reception was easy. The business has an excellent reputation, we dine there often, they catered Kelly’s high school graduation party, plus the owners are good friends. Luckily, they were available on June 30th. We immediately booked the date. It wasn’t difficult choosing the caterer for the Day-After-Wedding Brunch, either. We know the owner well, and this business is often on-site at The Castle handling events. Their food is delicious, and we knew our out-of-town guests would appreciate being able to relax and enjoy the casual Day-After-Wedding brunch they’ll provide.

Both our caterers are listed on The Castle’s list of Preferred Service Providers. They’ve been great to work with, and they’ve offered wonderful suggestions about how to deal with vegans on the guest list, plus gluten free meals. The Preferred Service Providers at Castle Farms are all hand-picked. Not only do they provide high quality performance and exceed expectations, but they’re also experienced in working at Castle Farms. The reception rooms at The Castle do have kitchens with catering areas, but there are no cooking facilities. All cooking is done outside (either in catering trailers or at the restaurant, and then delivered in warming ovens) so as not to damage the historic stonework of The Castle. That’s one reason that The Castle’s Preferred Service Provider List is so important—especially when it comes to catering. Our preferred caterers are familiar with our facility and have the necessary equipment.

Wedding guests at Kelly and James’ Knights’ Castle dinner reception will be treated to appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, followed by a delicious plated dinner featuring pork tenderloin and beef, potatoes, green beans and fresh garden salad. The following morning, we’re planning a buffet style brunch in The Queen’s Tavern from 10 am–12 noon featuring lots of yummy breakfast items. After brunch, depending on our out-of-town guests’ schedules, we may even offer a guided tour of Castle Farms. I’ve seen it done before with other bridal parties who host a Day-After-Wedding brunch followed by a guided tour. Guests are always thrilled since it gives them an opportunity to see the entire Castle beyond the rooms where the ceremony and reception took place, plus learn its rich history. And for me, as Mother-of-The-Bride and someone who has the privilege of working at Castle Farms as Gift Shop and Tour Director, I’m delighted we’re able to provide our out-of-town visitors with wonderful memories of this beautiful Castle. It’s the perfect happily-ever-after ending for Kelly and James’ wedding guests!

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