Guest Books that will last a leaf time!

Wedding guest books are a must have! Its a way to remind you of everyone who showed up and can be very helpful when writing your thank you notes. Although they are VERY helpful, they don’t always get used much after the entire wedding buzz is done. Your wedding is a special and  people like to be able to continue to have it on display.

With this in mind creative ideas started popping up… a framed picture of the happy couple with an extra wide signature mat, a photo album of the newlyweds with pictures on one side and signatures on the other, but last weekend at the Brooks and Gillies wedding in the West Garden Room they showed us something we have never seen before!

They framed a picture of a bare tree which they called “Our Wedding Tree”. Guests were then instruced to use the ink pad and “leaf” their thumb print on one of the branches as well as sign their name. This was a great way to do something different and by the end of the night they not only had something great to display well after the wedding, but a beautiful family tree in Full Bloom with all their loved ones names!

Family Tree guest book waiting to Bloom!
User Friendly Instructions

Something Different! Something Creative! and Something Personal! all things we love to see at the Castle!

Check out this example of a finished Wedding Tree

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