A Castle Wedding in the Making: Entry 8 – Rehearsal Dinner

Hi, it’s Peggy, Mother of the Bride, popping in again. Kelly and James’ June 30th wedding at Castle Farms is now just weeks away and I’m getting more excited by the day. My mind keeps whirling with details, and Kelly and I chat constantly. Have we forgotten anything? Caterer? Florist? Clergy? Cake? DJ? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Oh, wait! I did forget something… I wanted to tell you about the Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner following.

Kelly and James are being married in the Knight’s Courtyard at 5 PM. Their wedding rehearsal is scheduled for the afternoon before. Some couples choose the officiant to be present and direct things, but Kelly and James decided to keep things simple. Their personal Castle Farms Venue Coordinator (assigned to the couple two months prior to the day) will be in charge of the rehearsal. She’ll show the bridal party where to line up, how to enter and exit, plus run through the order of the ceremony as many times as needed. Most rehearsals run about 45 minutes. When it’s over, I’m sure we’ll all be ready to celebrate.

For the Rehearsal Dinner, James was so impressed with one of our local restaurants that his parents (who’ve never been to Michigan and wanted to please their son on his special day) booked it, sight unseen. We know they’ll be thrilled the minute they walk into this beautiful restaurant located on the water. Many members of the wedding party (including James and his family) are from out of town. They’ll love being able to relax and dine while watching all the colorful sailboats and sleek yachts cruise the lake—it’s the quintessential Charlevoix experience! As for figuring out what to serve on the buffet, Kelly and James were assisted by the restaurateur who came up with the perfect solution: a delicious meat selection for those so-inclined, plus a regional favorite—whitefish—to offer their guests for a true taste of Northern Michigan.

Charlevoix’s Pine River Channel & Drawbridge

What a wonderful time in our lives. Kelly is ecstatic that she has found the man of her dreams, and Dennis and I are thrilled to be welcoming James as our new son-in-law. I’m sure the Rehearsal Dinner will be a joyous evening filled with good food and great conversation between family and friends as we all look forward to the celebration to come. Life is good! Happy Wedding!

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