King’s Great Hall

Kings Great Hall Castle Farms Wedding Vicente James Photography
Vicente James Photography

Capacity: Maximum 300 dining, 500 presentation

Details: Features a built-in, drop-down projection screen for easily viewed presentations.

East Garden Room

East Garden Room Castle Farms Michigan Wedding The Weber Photographers
The Weber Photographers

Capacity: Maximum 350 dining, 550 presentation

Details: Features a large dance floor and separate bar patio.

West Garden Room

West Garden Room Castle Farms Event Venue Kara How Photography
Kara How Photography

Capacity: Maximum 230 dining, 400 presentation

Details: Features a private garden courtyard and elegant ceiling details.

Knight’s Castle

Knights Castle Wedding Reception Castle Farms E.C. Campbell Photography
E.C. Campbell Photography

Capacity: Maximum 200 dining, 350 presentation

Details: As its own building, features a separate hallway for food tables, bar or other table placement, and a large private courtyard.

Rose Pavilion

Capacity: Maximum 75 dining, 200 presentation

Details: Open air pavilion features chandelier lighting and clear side flaps if needed for wind or rain.  It’s close proximity to the railroad garden and playground make this area ideal for birthday parties and graduation parties!