Come see our model railroad!

Set among the towers and gardens, two separate lines together feature more than 20 trains covering over 2,000 feet of track. Two observation towers allow a bird’s eye view of all the activity.

The Garden Railroad section features model 1890s era steam locomotives riding the higher tracks and 1950s era model diesel locomotives riding the lower. A townscape features a waterfall and many unique buildings recently remodeled to represent Charlevoix in 1918, when the Castle was built.. The Fantasy Railway is a whimsical creation with one-of-a-kind architecture, including the Double Helix Towers and five-level Twin Coaster. Trains in this section are handmade from favorite toys. Watch for ladybugs, bumblebees, footballs, and even slinky dogs. The Fantasy Railway also includes elevated track winding along the tops of the trees in the Castle Farms Hedge Maze.

Trains run Memorial Day through Labor Day; weather permitting, trains will run into October. Plan your visit to Castle Farms to see this impressive model garden in person!

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