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Building Your Wedding Day Timeline

Your big day is just that, YOURS.  When planning your big day, we want you to have everything you’re hoping for, and more.  With that being said, it’s important to also recognize that guests are often traveling from far and wide to take part in your day.  Everyone deserves to have fun and celebrate the beginning of your marriage.  This is one of the major reasons Castle Farms works with its couples to establish a timeline.

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Timelines are key for a multitude of reasons.  It keeps each of your vendors on a schedule, ensures that each event (special dances, cake cutting, etc.) takes place at an appropriate time, and overall keeps a sense of order while you and your new spouse enjoy your day.  One of the main responsibilities of your Venue Coordinator is making sure the timeline is being followed, by checking in with vendors to make sure they’re all on the same page.  From there, your Venue Coordinator works as a middleman to communicate between the couple and the multiple vendors they’re working with.

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The perk of having a Venue Coordinator to handle the timeline often provides couples a sense of relief on the day of their wedding.  Thoughts like, “When are we going to cut the cake?” or “Is dinner going to be ready soon?” don’t necessarily need to cross the mind of a couple with a reliable team of vendors and fearless Venue Coordinator who’s leading the pack.

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Another huge reason we like to stress the importance of timelines is so that guests aren’t left frustrated or just plain bored.  Having a timeline ensures that the event moves along at a pace that is enjoyable for both the couple and the guests.  Certain couples may be tempted to spend a majority of their night with their photographer to get that perfect photo for your first Instagram post as a married couple.  In some scenarios, that’s perfectly fine, just make sure your guests aren’t waiting around wondering “…What’s next?”  Couples should be able to prioritize how they want to spend their day, while also being considerate of their guests’ time.

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Therefore, if you don’t plan on being terribly present at your reception if you don’t want to, just make sure your guests are well-fed and can carry on with the evening by getting a head start on the dancefloor.  Be sure that the fun isn’t cut short by not having any obstacles in the way of dancing and getting the party started.  On that same note, don’t put off cutting your cake, in case guests are itching for some dessert.  Rather than extending your cocktail hour to cocktail HOURS, consider taking a break from photos once the hour is up, then head back out for some sunset photos after dinner.

For a three o’clock ceremony, consider starting with a timeline like this:

Cocktail Hour: 3:30

Announced into Reception: 4:30

Toasts/Blessing: 4:45

Dinner: 5:00

Cake Cutting: 6:30

Special Dances: 6:45

Guest Dancing: 7:00

For a five o’clock ceremony, consider starting with a timeline like this:

Cocktail Hour: 5:30

Announced into Reception: 6:30

Toasts/Blessing: 6:45

Dinner: 7:00

Cake Cutting: 8:30

Special Dances: 8:45

Guest Dancing: 9:00

Of course, you are more than welcome to play with your timeline.  Cut your cake upon your announcement into the reception.  Do special dances right away, then move on to dinner.  It’s really up to you!  Your Venue Coordinator is always more than happy to help walk you through what kind of timeline best suits your reception.

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