Embracing the Fall Season

Here at Castle Farms, we LOVE fall weddings!  The colors, the cool weather, the coziness, it all makes for a beautiful wedding day.  There are several ways to make the most of this incredible season, from food, to attire.

Color Palette

It goes without saying that the fall colors in Michigan are nothing short of breathtaking.  It’s also a given that incorporating those colors into your palette is a must but try expanding on the typical red and orange hues.  Counter those burnt tones with some greenery.  The cool tones of a forest green create an additional sophisticated layer to your palette.  Why stop there?  Dive deeper into cool, fall tones by opting for a deep eggplant shade.

Photo: Michael Murphy IV Photography

Why stop at fall colors?  Add texture by incorporating fall patterns into your décor.  Plaid, knit, or lace make for a cozy feel, that also works as a great accent piece.  These additional layers also look beautiful against rustic wood, florals, as well as modern touches.

Seasonal Foods and Drinks

If you’re from Michigan, you know that cider and donuts are each fall staples.  Rather than a typical dessert bar or wedding cake, consider a cider and donut bar!  Give your guests a sweet fix, while sticking with something autumnal.  If you’re really looking to think outside of the wedding cake box, serve pie!  Forget chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and sprinkles; throw in pumpkin, apple, or rhubarb.

Photo: Captured by Grace

If cider and donuts aren’t your thing, you could also gravitate towards a hot cocoa or coffee bar.  Add in an element of fall with chai, caramel, or pumpkin spice flavoring.

Caramel apples also make for a great fall treat!  If you’re looking for something a bit more customizable and interactive, lay out various toppings, like nuts, graham cracker crumbs, or crushed toffee.

Photo: Lux Light Photography

Warm Up the Space

The cool, crisp weather that fall brings what calls for an extra element of cozy.  Create a warmer atmosphere in the cool weather by offering hand warmers or blankets at your ceremony.  At Castle Farms, we offer outdoor ceremonies through October.  With unpredictable Michigan weather, it wouldn’t be too surprising if temperatures were to plummet from 70 to 40 on your wedding day.  Offer guests the gift of comfort and warmth by making those little details available to them.

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For the reception, consider adding a fire pit to your additional courtyard!  Each of our reception spaces has an adjoining courtyard for lawn games, cocktail tables, or in this case, a fire pit.  Ask your Venue Coordinator on how you can incorporate this additional element of warmth to your reception.  Firepits must be in a raised stand of its own, on cement, and a certain distance from the building.  It may be tailgate season, but make sure you’re not tossing any cornhole bags around it!

Photo: Hallie Kohler


Fall also offers the opportunity to get creative with attire.  Give your bridesmaids matching shawls to go over their shoulders or change into ankle boots for your reception.  When it comes to fall weddings, it’s in the details to make sure your wedding stands out.

Photo: Media Potion

There truly is nothing like a Michigan fall.  With all this room for creativity, imagine the possibilities!  Make your fall wedding into something unique that guests will remember for each fall season to come.

Photo: Elisabeth Joy Photography

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