Employee Spotlight- Rebekah Moser

Rebekah with her brotherRebekah Moser was only 7 yrs. old the first time she saw Castle Farms. It was 1995, and her family had brought her to the Castle for a tour. As she and her family walked through the buildings, Rebekah remembers being fascinated by the big stone towers. “Is this a real castle?” she asked her parents, keeping an eye out for the king and queen who surely must live there.

Growing up in Charlevoix, the Castle became a familiar sight to Rebekah. When current owner Linda Mueller purchased the property in 2001, Rebekah’s brother was part of the construction crew hired to do the restoration. She remembers listening as he talked about the progress. Everything possible was being done to save the original windows, doors, roofs and windows. It was a slow process, for they were using the same time-honored building methods from 1918 when the Castle was built. The restoration was completed in 2006, and the Castle opened to the public for weddings, corporate events, and tours.


Fast forward to 2015. Rebekah, now a college graduate and married, had a young baby and another on the way. A graduate of Central Michigan University, her degree qualified Rebekah for a scientific job with the DNR. But she was no longer interested in working with biological technology or studying fish. Immersed in family, she felt a calling to work with people instead. When her father, a local minister, mentioned that the Castle was looking for a Bridal Consultant, she applied right away. By early 2015, Rebekah was working in the beautiful buildings she’d toured as a child, which her brother had helped restore.

Rebekah Moser | Michael Murphy IV Photography“I knew right away I was in the right place. I was really impressed with the family atmosphere. Everyone who works at the Castle loves it, and cares about it so much.” Rebekah’s eyes sparkled. “I never thought the owner would be involved, but even Linda works here.” (Castle owner Linda Mueller can often be found out in the gardens, down on her knees pulling weeds). “It’s a wonderful place to work,” Rebekah said. “The Castle is such a friendly place, and a perfect spot to be married.” Her position as Bridal Consultant puts Rebekah front and center with bridal couples contacting the Castle for the first time. She chats with them on the phone, answers questions, plus conducts bridal tours. “I love being able to meet and work with all kinds of people, especially the bridal couples. All of them have different budgets, and their own sense of style. But sometimes they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. It’s important to me to be able to help couples discover what’s important for them. And it’s fun helping them figure out ways to have the wedding of their dreams, no matter what they’re spending. Their weddings are the start of their lives together,” she said. “They’re starting their own families, and their own traditions. That means everything. Family is very important to me.”


Rebekah and SonsRebekah now has two sons of her own. And while baby Elliott is too young to talk, 2 ½ yr. old Noah has plenty to say when he visits his mother at the Castle. But unlike young Rebekah on her first visit so long ago, Noah isn’t looking for the king or queen. “Choo-choo!” he demands. The Castle trains and Model Railroad are a big hit with kids of all ages, especially Noah. Rebekah couldn’t be happier. She has the family she’s always wanted and a job she loves in her hometown of Charlevoix. Plus, working at the Castle makes Christmas shopping easy. All Rebekah has to do is walk the King’s Gallery to the Castle’s Gift Shop. Guess what Noah’s getting for Christmas? Hint: “Choo-choo!”

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