Five Ways to Keep Guests Warm and Cozy at Your Wedding

There’s a chill in the air.  That crisp-wintery air is often an appeal to those couples looking for a cozy fall or winter wedding.  However, those pretty flurries are something that will keep your guests looking for the cozy, rather than the chilly.  Here are five ways to keep your guests nice and toasty at your winter wedding.

1.       Blankets

If you’re getting married during the off-season and have the option to have your ceremony outside, consider putting out some blankets that your guests can snuggle up with.  Guests are already itching for cocktail hour, you might as well allow them to get comfortable so that they’re not getting antsy in their seats, waiting for the ceremony to end.  If guests are more comfortable, they’re more able to be present at your ceremony and listen to the officiant, readings, and your vows to one another.

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2.       Signature Cocktails

Have you ever heard of the alcohol blanket?  That imaginary blanket can play an important role in your guests’ comfort level.  Make your signature cocktails something seasonal, like a fall sangria or a spiked hot chocolate.  That’ll be sure to warm your guests up in no time.

Bar sign
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3.       Firepits

Have you ever considered having a bonfire at your wedding?  No, seriously.  Consider putting a bonfire in your private courtyard for guests to enjoy.  Maybe put out a few marshmallows and graham crackers and recycle those blankets you used for the ceremony.  Besides, what Michigander doesn’t love a bonfire?

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4.       Mood Lighting

Our reception spaces are stunning as is, there’s no question about it.  However, if you’re really looking to take the space to the next level, deck the place out in candles.  It’s amazing how much more of an intimate, cozy feeling that candles bring to a space.  Candles provide a certain magical element, especially when they’re elegantly scattered all over the space.  Our Venue Coordinators often designate the Assistant Venue Coordinator or another team member to light any and all candles in a reception space, typically during the ceremony.  That way, by the time you and your guests make their way over, it’ll be almost like a grand reveal.  If you have any questions about what kind of requirements Castle Farms has regarding candles, just ask your Venue Coordinator!

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5.       Hot Beverages

What’s more wintery than warming up with a cup of hot cocoa?  Add a couple of candy canes and some cinnamon sticks, and you’ve got a full hot chocolate bar.  Throw some hot cider in the mix, and your guests will be set for the evening.  Hot beverages like cocoa and cider are perfect for those guests who are looking to lounge and mingle a bit during the reception.

Hot chocolate bar
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Any of these ideas sound appealing to you?  We hope so, and so do your guests!  No matter what, we’ll be there to make sure your wedding can withstand any Northern Michigan winter.

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