Food Display Alternatives

With the recent pandemic, there have been countless adjustments that have had to have been made.  In the events industry, one major one is food.  How can you make your original dessert bar as hygienic as possible?  Here are some tips!

Hors D’oeuvres may no longer be served at one table.  Most likely, caterers will recommend passed hors d’oeuvres or family style, so that there is an assortment for each household.  Traditional buffets are about to be a thing of the past.  However, there are still options on ways to best serve your guests dinner.  Plated has always been a safe, but also classy, option.  An option your caterer might now offer is a served buffet.  This may include the acrylic shield at the table, but instead of self-serving, caterers will dish your food for you.

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With new policies and procedures in place, embrace the 3-course meal service aspect!  Have guests enter cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres already on the table, then sit down for salad service and champagne, then the main dinner entree, and finish it off with served dessert and coffee.  Coffee carafes should then be placed at each table, with a mug at each place setting.

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If you’re planning a champagne toast alongside the speeches, consider those to be served by a caterer or bartender rather than self-served.  This will cut down on the amount of hands reaching for the same bottle, passing it from one guest to another.  Speaking of champagne, what about the bar?  Guests tend to flock to the bar, especially once the ceremony ends.  In order to keep that traffic from occurring, ask your bartender or a staff member to place floor markings six feet apart.  Another great option is to have two bars, to keep your guests spread out while keeping a nice flow.

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Individually packaging your items may be the best option, especially when it comes to desserts.  If you’re having wedding cake at your reception, make sure there are prepared slices, possibly from a sheet cake, for the caterers to offer guests.  For a while, donut walls were all the rage.  For now, the grab-and-go foods might have to be put on hold.

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Consider wrapping each item and tying it with a ribbon or twine.  If your original plan was to go for a candy bar, think of cuter ways to individually package bags of candy for your guests to be given on their way out.  Tiny takeout boxes, little baskets, or small jars are a perfect, sanitary way for your guests to enjoy a fun dessert.  If you are providing individually packaged foods, be sure to have them pre-placed at your guests seats, or ready to be handed out by a pre-designated caterer or friend.  This kind of presentation is all about individualization, which in a sense, makes your wedding guests feel a little more special, because it will take more time and energy to package and separate everything out.

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Just because of the changes your caterers or bakers might suggest, doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite foods on your wedding.  Think outside the box, and figure out ways that are not only functional, but safe!

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