Fun Ways to Ask for an RSVP

Oh, RSVPs.  How tedious, yet completely necessary you are.  Not only do you need them in order to confirm a guest count, but they’re helpful when developing a seating chart and potentially blocking hotel rooms.

Invitations are meant to be sent eight weeks before the wedding.  When you send your invitations, be sure to give specific instructions on how to RSVP.  Can it be done through your website?  Does it need to be returned via mail?  Will it include a choice of a meal?  With that being said, be sure to include a clear deadline, and include postage for RSVPs that need to be mailed back.  There’s nothing more inconvenient than late RSVPs, especially right when you thought you had your final guest count set.

Whether you’re accepting RSVPs via mail or online, here are some creative ways for your guests to respond!

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Funny Multiple-Choice Responses

Let your guests have a little bit of fun when replying to your RSVP.  Consider some snarky multiple-choice responses for your guests to choose from.  For example:

Will be attending because…

_____ Open bar?  How could I say no?

_____ Can’t miss some classic Smith family dancing.

_____ I heard Grandma will be there, and she’s a gem!

Other: ­­­­­­­­­­­

Will not be attending because…

_____ Can’t miss the Lions game!

_____ Spending some time with the not-as-fun side of the family.

_____ Love disgusts me and I’m lame!


Don’t forget to leave a blank space so that guests can leave funny or serious responses of their own!

Respond with a Piece of Fabric

If you’re looking for a unique, yet sentimental way for guests to respond to your RSVP, have them send their response with a piece of fabric.  This fabric can be used to be made into a quilt to keep in your home throughout your marriage, or even a unique piece of art!

Respond with a Recipe

Much like the fabric, have guests respond with a recipe to fill a cookbook for your new life as newlyweds.  Have an empty recipe card for guests to have the option to fill with their favorite recipes they like to cook with their spouse or entertain guests with.

Fill in a Song Request

This one is a classic.  Make your DJ’s job easy by providing a list of song requests that are sure to get every guest on the dance floor at least once!  No one likes a wedding where they can’t recognize a single song.  Make sure everyone’s taste is heard at the reception and ask for a song they’d like to hear at your wedding!

Create a Mad Lib

If you’re looking for some corny responses regarding your RSVP, consider creating your own Mad Lib.  Try something like this out:

I, (name) ___________, am (adjective) ___________ to (Accept/Decline) ___________ the invitation to your wedding. I’m so (adjective) ___________ for you two and can’t wait to see what the future (verb) ___________.

Have fun with it and share your favorite responses on your wedding website!

These fun, creative ways to get your guests to RSVP may lead them to be more inclined to respond on time.  They can have fun with their response, while you enjoy whatever kinds of responses you receive and get your final headcounts to your vendors on time!

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