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Having a Band at Your Wedding?

Here’s some things to know if you’re having a band come to the Castle for your wedding!

We love the DJs on our Preferred Service Provider list but if you are looking to switch things up, there is nothing like a great live band to get your crowd of guests excited and join the dance floor. A good band will know how to get a “feel” of the room and select music accordingly, plus they may interact with the guests on the dance floor to give everyone an awesome experience.

Many times the band will ask you a lot of questions pertaining to the layout of the stage and the outlets they would be using. Our coordinators are always a good person for your band to reach out to but we thought it would also be helpful to share that information with you here!

The dimensions of the stages in our rooms are 16’x8′. We have two 20amp outlets on separate circuits right next to stage and there are also several other outlets throughout the room if they feel they need more power. We find that most often the outlets by the stage are plenty to hold the power that they need.

We highly suggest having your band reach out to a coordinator to go over the details so you aren’t bogged down.  We are happy to talk or meet with any of your vendors that require a bit more explanation.

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