Having a Dress Code for Your Wedding Guests

If you’re envisioning aesthetically pleasing guest photos, something to bring your guests together, or just a fun detail to make your big day unique, think about going with a dress code.  Dress codes can be a fun way to unify your guests. Depending on how strict you are, you can picture your guests as additional décor to tie in with your wedding theme.  We’ve compiled a few fun ideas and tips for you to consider when it comes to dress code.

Letting Your Guests Know

Parties have themed attire all the time, so remind your guests that this is an opportunity to have fun and contribute to the overall vision of the big day.  Lay it all out on your wedding website or in a separate note with your invitations along with accommodations and other details, giving them plenty of notice to plan their outfits.

We want you to help bring our wedding vision to life! Please join our wedding party in wearing blue the day of the wedding.

We’ve waited five years for this day, and we want to make a statement!  Please wear white.

Our day will be perfect, and we want you to look the part!  Please wear black tie attire.

Black Tie v. Cocktail Attire

You may know how you want your guests to dress, but how do you label it?  Cocktail attire is typical wedding attire.  Men usually wear suits, or even khakis with a sport coat.  Anything that’s not just a polo or button down with jeans.  For women, expect semi-formal dresses or jumpsuits.  If you really want your guests to up the ante, black tie may be the dress code for you.  For men, expect to see dark suits and tuxedos.  For women, black tie events typically warrant floor-length, formal gowns.  Guest attire really sets the tone for the evening and distinguishing between black tie and cocktail attire may help to do so.

Selecting Your Wedding Colors

Developing your color palette is usually one of the first things you do while wedding planning.  It sets the scene for décor, style, and yes, dress code!  If you’re having trouble with this step, start with the time of year you’re getting married.  If it’s in the middle of winter, you’re probably going to want to steer clear of bright yellows or aquas.  On the other hand, if you’re having a summer wedding, maybe don’t lean into the deep burgundies or purples.  Use flowers for inspiration too.  Your florist will know what kind of floral design will look best for a certain time of year, and it will be much easier to pick a dress that complements a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Timeless Color Palettes

Black is a great go-to option if you want your guests looking uniform.  Plus, you can bet that a majority of your guests already have something that they can wear.  In all-black attire, your guests will look sharp, while wearing a universally flattering shade.

If you’re thinking spring, picture how fun it would be to have a room full of people in bright, happy attire that resembles the season.  Flower girls in lavender or mint…guys with yellow ties…how cute!

Couples who get married in the fall often do so because they’ve fallen in love with the colors.  If that’s you and your fiancé, tell your guests to mimic those deep, warm tones in their attire.  Think of how cool it would be to bring the beauty of the outside in, seeing guests in chocolate brown, dark purple, scarlet, or burnt orange.

If you’ve been trying to come up with a way to honor a passed loved one on your special day, consider having your guests dress in a color that signifies that person.  What a great profound, yet unspoken way to make that person’s presence felt on your big day.

Dress codes are certainly not for everyone, but it may be the one missing piece of the puzzle for some.  If you’ve been looking to elevate the atmosphere of your wedding, a coordinated dress code may be on the horizon for your big day!

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