It’s summertime, which has us thinking all about where we’d love to be vacationing.  When you work in the wedding industry, when you think “vacation” your mind immediately jumps to “honeymoon.”  If you’re getting overwhelmed with wedding planning, take some time to daydream about your honeymoon!


If you have no idea where to start when planning your honeymoon, consider the following: temperature, atmosphere, and activity.  Temperature is easy, are you looking for a warmer climate to enjoy a tropical oasis, or a colder climate and snow-capped mountains?  Next up, atmosphere.  If you’re leaning towards the warmer climate, are you looking for a secluded all-inclusive resort on the water or a beach town that is just a short walk away from exciting nightlife?  If you see a cold climate in your honeymoon’s future, are you thinking cozy lodge, enjoying drinks by the fire, or are you hoping to spend your nights in a packed pub?

No matter where you go, you’re going to want to take in the geography of wherever you are by enjoying some local activities to spend your days.  Activities are a must on a honeymoon, whatever shape or form.  Activities can be as simple as going to a certain restaurant you want to try, wine tasting, or going for a hot tub.  If you’re looking to do something a bit more adventurous, consider what kind of locations might have activities and excursions you’ve always wanted to try, like swimming with dolphins, skiing, jumping off waterfalls, swimming in hot springs, snow tubing, hiking (warm or cold), or jet skiing.  Narrow down your prospects and find a location that suits your plan and budget!

Wherever you go, be sure to let your hotel, resort, Airbnb, etc. know that you’re traveling for your honeymoon.  They may include some special offers or even some freebies for newlyweds.  A lot of accommodations are flattered to see that couples have chosen to kick off their new life together at their place of business.

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Say you’ve just spent thousands of your own dollars planning a wedding, how are you supposed to afford a honeymoon?  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to afford a honeymoon these days.

A lot of couples that get married, these days, already have built a home together.  Therefore, they don’t need all kinds of new kitchen appliances, or 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.  For that reason, a lot of couples are opting for their guests to gift their money to a honey-fund.  A honey-fund allows guests to pay for excursions for the couple’s chosen honeymoon location.  Guests can pay for dinner, skydiving, or contribute to the overall cost of the hotel.  A portion of the money that guests gift to couples for their wedding is often used for the honeymoon, regardless.  With that, a honey-fund is always a good option for guests to contribute to.  Check your wedding website builder to see what kind of options are available to you!

If you haven’t looked into using a daily-deals site to book your honeymoon, what are you waiting for?  Sites like Groupon and Travelocity are constantly offering different, affordable vacation options.  Many of which are all-inclusive.  Be sure to be checking for deals periodically when searching for a honeymoon spot, you may be surprised at what you find!

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When you’re packing, think of the activities you have planned.  Are you going to need hiking shoes?  A water bottle?  Maybe even a small backpack or fanny pack?  What about a beach bag?  On the other hand, don’t forget to pack for the days or nights you spend lounging at the pool or in your room.  Maybe that means you should bring an extra hoodie or slippers.

No matter where you’re going, it’s important to always be ready with some SPF.  The sun’s rays are strong, and you’re going to want to be prepared for any time you spend outdoors.  With that said, don’t forget aloe, for the days you do forget your sunscreen.

Couples that are able to plan their outfits ahead of time are always thankful they did so.  Planning your outfits also helps with planning out your time away.  How many nights will you need an outfit for dinner?  Did you pack enough swimsuits?  You’ve probably heard the phrase “dress for the weather” dozens of times in your lifetime.  Of all the times, this is one of the most important.  It’s your honeymoon, you’re going to want to be comfortable.  Maybe your honeymoon is the only chance you’ll be able to convince the fiancé to coordinate outfits.  There are plenty of cute honeymoon outfits the two of you can coordinate, or, just to sneak something in your fiancé’s suitcase so that they can’t say no!  You can find plenty of options for couple attire here.

Not only should you plan the outfits you’re wearing throughout your honeymoon, but also account for travel attire.  Think of what outfit you and your fiancé will be most comfortable in on your trip home.  Odds are, you’ll be in the early stages of your post-vacation blues, so you’ll want to make sure you feel content with what you’re wearing, especially if it involves a plane ride or two.

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Location, location, location.  The world is full of beautiful hubs that serve as ideal honeymoon locations.  Some trendy spots are Finland, East Africa, Greece, the Maldives, and New Zealand.  If you’re not looking to book a long flight anywhere too far from home, consider a tour around Northern Michigan.  Spend your afternoons wine tasting or enjoying the beach.  Make a day trip to Mackinac Island and reserve a spot for drinks on the patio of the Grand Hotel.  Go kayaking or biking through the streets of Traverse City.  The possibilities are endless when traveling throughout Northern Michigan.  Or, if you’re not quite ready to travel outside the U.S., that’s okay!  A tour around Northern Michigan is a great way to celebrate a mini-moon before the big trip later in the year.

If you’re looking to travel just a bit more, consider honeymooning in a bustling city like Chicago or New York to experience new cuisine or catch a Broadway show.  Don’t forget, there’s always the Disney-moon for the couples who want to extend their fairy tale wedding day.

Wherever you decide to travel, travel safely!  Happy honeymooning!

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