How to Express Your Theme to the Fullest

Burlap and lace?  Metallics and geometrics? Sure, both of those trends are great. However, do the two trends necessarily go together?  Not really.  Just because certain elements are trendy, doesn’t mean that they always fit.  On the other hand, if you have a rustic taste, one slab of wood may not fully convey the theme you’re going for.  Choosing a theme is one thing, but expressing it tastefully is another.

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Narrow Down Your Options

When it comes down to it, your theme can truly be expressed to reflect your unique taste.  What may be called “modern” for one couple, may be a complete 180 to another.  If you know you like vintage, find out what constitutes as vintage. Is it a color palette?  A certain material?  Antique décor?  Or, if you’re trying to decide between several themes, what elements of décor are you most drawn to?  Think of it as backtracking.  You may find yourself gravitating towards the simple, geometric shapes that go with modern décor, or maybe you really can’t stop looking at tall, grand centerpieces on Pinterest.  Sometimes, it’s those little details that will drive you towards the theme you feel most comfortable with.  Save the pictures or pins you truly love and take those as clues to the direction your wedding theme will go in.

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Also, keep in mind that you may want to hang some of your wedding photos or display sentimental wedding décor pieces around your home after the big day, so if you have a certain interior design element you love, consider incorporating that into your wedding.  It may come around full circle and you’ll be able to implement pieces of your wedding into your home for a seamless integration.

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Pick One or Two Trends to Follow

After you’ve narrowed down your options, pick one or two trends to stick with.  Be careful not to pick two trends that contradict each other.  A romantic garden party would be a great theme.  Then again, so would art deco.  Together?  Probably not.  When combining themes, combine themes that complement each other.  Garden and woodland would combine nicely, maybe even with some vintage touches.  Art deco may go hand-in-hand with a 1920’s inspired theme.  A country wedding tying in autumnal elements, of course!  However, keep your pumpkins, plaid, and hay bales in the fall, and don’t let it cross over too far into what could be a winter wonderland wedding.

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Decorating Your Space

Whatever theme you land on, keep it tasteful.  Themes don’t necessarily have to be screamed from the rooftops.  A lot of the time, it’s in the details.  It’s important to pick up on the touch points your guests will interact with the most.

Guest books are a great way to translate theme.  It’s one of the first stops guests will make at the start of your reception.  Going along with that, why not include some element of theme at the bar? Whether that be a signature drink or a small piece of décor.

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Rather than making your seating chart simply a chart, make it something a bit more interactive that conveys your theme to the fullest.  This will signal the guests to any sense of theme they haven’t already picked up on.  Then, if you go with more subtle elements of theme throughout your reception, it still ties in in a tasteful way.

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Centerpieces are a given, they’re what meets the guests’ eyes all through dinner, speeches, and mingling.  Don’t forget other tables that guests may stop at along the way, like dessert or gifts.

Castle Farms offers a variety of rental and included options that fit any theme from rustic, to fairy tale.  Adorn your archway with drapery and an elegant chandelier or make the most of your Castle venue with a castle-shaped card box.

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If you find it challenging to determine a theme and stick to it, consider hiring a wedding professional to help guide you through those decisions!  Wedding planners are often visionaries who have the skill to picture the event fully and therefore help you nail down your vision of your wedding day.  Whatever theme the two of you choose, make sure it suits you as a couple.  Express it as much as you want and have fun with it!

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