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How to Make Your Reception One Your Guests Won’t Forget

We’ve come to an era where couples, more often than not, are looking to ditch the traditional bouquet and garter toss.  Instead, there are plenty of interactive, non-traditional activities to sprinkle into your reception.

Announcing in the Wedding Party Yourselves

You’re wrapping up cocktail hour, getting ready to kick off the reception.  You want guests on their feet, ready to hype up the wedding party, and get the party started.  Instead of having your DJ or band read the names of each bridesmaid and groomsman and having them choreograph some fun, cheesy entrance, take the mic yourself.  Let the DJ announce you and your spouse in first, then take the mic and get ready to introduce your guests to the people who stood by your side for your wedding.  Write some funny, announcer-style anecdotes about each wedding party member that they and your guests can react to as they make their way into the reception.  Imagine the laughs you’ll get from the crowd!

Groom with Mic
Raj Banik

Raffling Off Décor

Some couples want to keep every little piece from their wedding day to remember every detail.  Other couples don’t want to have to lug a bunch of signs and centerpieces back home to an untouched storage unit, or better yet, the garbage.  Consider having guests fill out a ticket at the gift table or by the seating chart at the start of the reception.  Then, at the end of the night, have your DJ or your one charismatic, funny uncle read off tickets and announce who the lucky winners of your décor are.  This can be a fun, sarcastic way to get rid of your décor and get your guests excited about being the lucky winners of a new centerpiece for the dining room table.  Who knows, at the end of the night after a few drinks and some dancing, guests may be fighting for the chance to take home your custom Welcome to Our Wedding sign.

Groomsman with Mic
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The Shoe Game

Everyone loves the shoe game!  It shows a little bit of the playful side of your relationship, which is often refreshing after a tear-jerking ceremony.  For the shoe game, the couple sits in two chairs, back-to-back, each holding both one of their shoes and one of their spouse’s.  Your DJ or wedding party member will ask the couple a variety of More Likely To-style questions.  In response, the couple will hold up the shoe of the one who better fits the prompt.

Who is the better cook?

Who snores the loudest?

Who is more likely to take the wheel on long car rides?

Who is more likely to cry during a rom-com?

Not being able to see your new spouse’s answer always gets a reaction from your guests.

Wedding Reception Shoe Game
Paxton Photography

Having an On-Site Artist

Something we’ve seen recently, and something that guests absolutely LOVE, are on-site artists.  Whether that be a caricature artist that can quickly draw up some whacky photos of the guests or a painter who sits in the corner and captures the night on canvas, artists are a creative, fun way to create memorable keepsakes for both the couple and the guests.

Eastlyn & Joshua

Lawn Games

Each reception space at Castle Farms comes with its own private courtyard or balcony.  Those spots are perfect for some lawn games.  Lawn games are a great option for guests who’d rather sit out on the dancing, but still want to interact with other guests in a fun way.  Cornhole, Giant Jenga, and Giant Connect Four are bound to get some guests in the fresh air to enjoy some friendly competition.

Jesslin Rae Photography

Food Trucks

Everyone loves the idea of a late-night snack.  Imagine how fun it would be if a food truck with tacos, burgers, pizza, or ice cream rolled around for guests to enjoy amidst drinking and dancing.  It’ll break up the night nicely by giving the guests a chance for fresh air.  Having a food truck for a late-night snack would also be a great way to signal the end of the night approaching, and have guests start thinking about their plan for departure.

Ice Cream
BAM Photo


You can never go wrong with some sort of photobooth.  It’s a great way for guests to mingle and have something to remember the fun they had at your wedding.  Castle Farms recommends some incredible photobooths and videobooths in the area, like Happy Snappy Photo Booth, Life Outside the Booth, MIFunBooth, and Up North Photo Booth.  Be sure to check each of them out and find one that fits into your wedding vision!

Couple in Photobooth
A13 Studios

Consider incorporating some of these unique ideas into your reception.  Dinner and dancing are two staples, but feel free to spice up the night with some additional, modern activities!

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