One overarching opinion when it comes to weddings is “the bigger, the better.”  Grand, elegant weddings are great.  However, not everyone’s big day warrants specialty chairs, linens, tables, and glassware, or riding in on a horse and carriage.  Less can be more!

One of the greatest things about Castle Farms is the beauty that comes with the Castle.  Our stone walls and soaring towers aren’t something you can find at just any venue.  That’s why excessive décor may not even be necessary for your wedding.  There’s already so many stunning features that are roped into your space, whether that be your ceremony or reception.  Castle Farms is known for its wide variety of reception spaces, so whatever your taste may be, we have the backdrop for you.

Photo: Killer Creations

When looking at décor with this mindset, you’ll want to stick with something minimal.  Neutral tones can be incredibly elegant, and they may be all you need.  Sticking with grays, black, or even going with a crisp, clean all-white look is timeless.  As far as centerpieces go, a few candles, and maybe some greenery, are perfect for a simple, yet beautiful centerpiece.  Plus, they’re easy on the budget.  Flowers are great, and arguably a wedding staple, but that doesn’t mean they need to be everywhere guests look.  Keep the attention on you on your wedding day.

Photo: Dreambox Photography

Minimalism doesn’t have to stop at décor; that can translate to your guest list as well.  Small, intimate weddings are becoming more and more common.  Couples these days are more drawn to the idea of celebrating with an exclusive group of people, sometimes as low as 30-40 guests.

Photo: Meghan Lee Harris Photography

Less can be more:  More focus on the experience of getting married with those closest to you.  More focus on the natural setting the gardens or historic stone walls offer.  More time for quality conversation and fun because you don’t have to worry about as much clean up at the end of the night from choosing minimal décor.  If this concept suits your taste, it will not only offer a timeless overall look, it will give the opportunity to allocate your “would-be budget” to a finer experience for your smaller guest count or to your honeymoon adventures.  Whatever your plans may be, you can’t go wrong with simplicity!

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