must do's the morning of your wedding

Must-Do’s the Morning of Your Wedding

Many couples say that their wedding goes by in the blink of an eye.  That’s why the morning is a great time to prep yourself for the day you’ve spent so long preparing for.  Here’s a list of things that may help you out the morning of your wedding and keep you from scrambling later in the day.

  1. Eat

Believe it or not, eating is one thing that slips the minds of many couples on their big day.  Make sure that you and your bridal party are well-energized before the day’s events kick off with a full breakfast and maybe a coffee or two.

  1. Get dressed and ready!

You can choose to get your hair and makeup done at a salon or hire a stylist to travel to your place of lodging.  The dressing room at Castle Farms is included 2 hours before your ceremony start time until the end of the evening.  It’s a space best designed to get your dresses on after your hair and makeup is complete.  If you’d like to rent it for an earlier arrival time to spend the morning getting ready at your venue, there is most often an option to do so; just check with a Castle Coordinator!  Make sure you have a solid transportation plan from your place of lodging to the salon or venue.

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  1. Check in with your vendors.

The coordinators at Castle Farms are excellent about being detail-oriented and on top of the tasks at hand.  Be sure to touch base with them to see if everyone has arrived, all arrangements have been dropped off, etc.

  1. Take pictures with your wedding party.

Whether you’re with your group of gals, guys, or both, you’ll want to remember the time you spent surrounded by the people you love most.  Have the photographer come into your dressing room and take photos of your party popping champagne, getting ready, or giving words of encouragement.

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  1. Give gifts to your wedding party.

Leading up to this point, odds are your party has gone above and beyond when it comes to being there for you on your big day.  Be sure to recognize this by giving them a gift, whether it be a personalized trinket or something that they can wear.  Give them something to remember the time they spent leading up to your big day.

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  1. Make sure you have an emergency kit.

An emergency kit is something you’ll want to be easily accessible to all members of your bridal party the day of your wedding.  These can include bandages, to lash glue.  Read every essential you’ll need in your emergency kit here.

  1. Take time for yourself.

Since you are likely to have a busy day ahead, don’t forget to do what you need to do in order to prep yourself.  This may include doing a face mask before you get your makeup done, going for a quick jog, or even sneaking in a drink.  It’s amazing what a mimosa or a Bloody Mary can do to kickstart the morning of your wedding.

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The day of your wedding can be hectic, but if you consider incorporating these tips into your morning, it can be much more relaxed and stress free!

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