Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas We Love to See!

You can host a wedding that give all of the vibes and comfort of a traditional wedding while customizing your event to represent you and your budding relationship!  Here are some non-traditional wedding ideas that we LOVE to see:

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

We adore the way mismatched bridesmaids dresses speaks to each persons personality and style while still creating a cohesive look. This is an effortless yet stunning way to incorporate many colors textures, and prints, ultimately adding depth and visual interest to your entire day!

E.C. Campbell Photography

Don’t Miss Out on Cocktail Hour – Join In!

Having the wedded couple join in on the cocktail hour festivities is a great way for everyone to visit together so that after dinner, all there’s left to worry about is your dance moves. This takes a lot of hustle out of the evening so you can be more present with your guests and your new spouse!  Maybe consider scheduling pre-ceremony photos together to make the most of your time.

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The Last Morning with Your Fiancé/Fiancée

We hosted a couple last Fall who chose to spend the morning of their wedding day together eating breakfast at the beach, and this sweet idea is stuck in our hearts! So often, those who choose not to do a first look have less time to spend together on their wedding day, and this idea of spending the morning together is such a sweet way to change that if you would like to sway from traditional wedding day plans. A wedding day morning date would be a great time to exchange private vows or gifts too!

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Exit Outfits

Make a statement by stepping into an outfit for your reception grand exit! Whether it be a shorter dress, losing the tux jacket, or rocking matching sweat suits, we love this fun surprise (for your photographer, your guests, and YOU)! From a practical stand-point, this is a great option to make sure that your formal attire can be taken into other hands that night for proper care after the event too.


Alternative “Flower Girls”

While it’s great to see little ones delicately tossing petals down the aisle (especially those who expertly keep their cool), we absolutely love when couples throw a curve ball and have alternative “flower girls” as part of their wedding ceremonies! Flower dudes add quite a bit of spunk and many laughs, and we especially love to see grammas or aunties finding the spotlight too.

Meghan Lee Harris Photography

Immediate Family of the Couple Standing During the Processional – Everyone Else Stays Seated!

This is one that we don’t see very often, but it makes so much sense! Have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony starts requesting that only the immediate family (maybe the first row or two depending on the size of your family) stand when the bride or main couple members make their entrance. This makes it so that your immediate family can see you in your moment, and often times, everyone else will have a better view too. This is such a unique way to acknowledge your most important family members too!

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Do you have a non-traditional idea for your wedding that you want to share with us?  Email us today or tag us on social media @CastleFarms! Explore more non-traditional wedding ideas on our Pinterest Board HERE!

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