Say ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’ to Guests with a Gift Bag

If you are looking for something personalized and thoughtful to send home with your guests after your big day, consider a gift bag.  Whether that be a welcome bag to have waiting at your hotel or a gift bag chock-full of goodies for the end of the night, gift bags are the way to go!  Gift bags are a great alternative to traditional favors, or just a way to have your wedding weekend start off on the right foot for each of your guests.

Photo: Raj Banik

There are countless perks to offering gift bags in lieu of favors.  Not to mention, having something personalized for each of your guests will make them feel that much more special on your wedding day.  Having one for each guest offers a chance for customization.  As far as the contents of the bag, they can be as personalized, budget-friendly, or extravagant as you would like them to be.

Here are some things you will want to include:

Goodies from Local Businesses

If you are proud of the place you are getting married in, take Northern Michigan for example, you will want to highlight some of the local businesses that make that place unique.  There is no end to those cute small shops that line the streets of Charlevoix, or the unique trinkets you can find in Petoskey’s Gaslight District, such as a Petoskey stone that can only be found Up North.  These fun gift bags could include a small candle or soap from Lavender Hill Farm, some Murdick’s Fudge, or some locally sourced snacks from Cherry Republic.  No guest will have a problem with having something to snack or sip on after your wedding.

Photo: Tatum Photo and Design

Something Seasonal

No matter the time of year, there is always a fun seasonal element you could incorporate into these gift bags.  If your wedding is in the fall, then toss in a fresh donut from a local bakery.  Winter wedding guests will likely need a warm-up, have a hot chocolate packet tied to a shooter of Bailey’s with a piece of twine or ribbon.  Springtime wedding gift bags could include some seeds, and summer weddings could include some custom sunglasses with your date on them or fit your wedding’s palette.

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A Hangover Cure

If you think your crowd is going to keep the wine flowing and the drinks coming, it may be in your best interest to provide a little something that will save them the next morning.  A small water bottle, maybe even with a customized label, and some ibuprofen has proven to be a life saver for some.  Items like these will show you are thinking about and care for your guests, even when the wedding is all said and done.

Photo: The Fourniers Photography

A List of Things to Do

Depending on when you get married, your guests may be making the most of their stay in your location.  If you are doing a Northern Michigan wedding, there is no end to beaches, breweries, shops, hikes, and activities you could recommend.  Consider creating a personalized pamphlet listing a great brunch spot for the next morning, or a pit-stop for the drive home.  Check out our blog for some ideas of things guests could do during your Northern Michigan wedding week or weekend!

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Something to Keep Your Guests Safe

If you are planning on having the big day in the near future, it’s always a good idea to provide guests with something that will show that their safety is in your best interest.  Throw in a mask or two, paired with some hand sanitizer, or maybe even some disinfecting wipes.

Photo: Crystal V Photography

Whether you are welcoming guests to a new town or sending them off with spirits high, make your gift bags something that can remind them of your big day once it’s over.  Even just a little something to remind them of the beautiful place where you said “I do” will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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