Wedding Hashtags

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hashtag

A catchy, personalized wedding hashtag is the perfect way to collect all of your wedding memories, and it will encourage family and friends to share their own pics on social media. Yes, that means you’ll be able to see some of those fun, candid moments that your photographer may have missed!  Need help brainstorming? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with this easy guide to selecting the perfect hashtag for your special day.

Incorporate your names. This may seem like an obvious move, but it’s a good way to start with the basics while also being creative and memorable. You can use your first or last names or a cute mashup of the two. Here are some of our favorite hashtags using a couple’s last name.

Use wordplay. People always remember funny, so have a little fun with your wedding hashtag by using alliterations, rhymes, synonyms, and puns for a tag that’s both clever and memorable.

Go with numbers. If your names aren’t resulting in a standout hashtag, consider using your wedding date or year and make it your own.

Avoid possible misspellings. Let’s be honest, there’s always a chance for a misspelling especially when an open bar is involved! Make sure your hashtag is simple enough for guests to avoid misspellings, i.e., shorten longer last names or move words around if there are two of the same letter in different words next to each other. For example, instead of #SaraAndDave, change it to #DaveAndSara to avoid the double “a.”

Capitalize the first letter of each word. Not only will capitalizing the first letter of each word help with readability, but it will also make it more likely for everyone to pick up on your joke or pun.

Make sure it is original. Before you invest in your save the dates, it’s important to do a quick check of your wedding hashtag to make sure it hasn’t been used before and others aren’t already tagged to it. If your hashtag has already been used, don’t get frustrated. You may just need to switch one or two letters or numbers.

Use a wedding hashtag generator. Still stumped? No problem. There are tons of FREE (yes, FREE!) wedding hashtag generator sites – all of which stay on top of the latest hashtag trends so you’re sure to get the latest and greatest formats.

Wedding Hashtag Inspo

From funny to simple, these wedding hashtags are memorable and easy to read:













Sharing Your Wedding Hashtag

You finally selected your amazing hashtag! Now it’s time to get the word (or words) out! Do this well before the wedding, because the more your guests see the hashtag, the more likely they are to remember it after the big day. Add it to your save-the-dates and your wedding website, post photos throughout your engagement, and have several reminders on-site at the wedding, i.e., welcome signage, table cards.

We hope this guide is helpful in selecting your wedding day hashtag!

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